To receive physical gift cards in time for Christmas, please place your order by midday on Friday 20th December to meet Royal Mail's latest recommended posting date.


Zizzi Gift Cards
  1. Q: Where can I spend my Gift Card? What can I buy with my Gift Card?

    A: Gift cards can be used in full or part payment in any of the Zizzi restaurants across the UK.

  2. Q: Do I get the full value I load onto the Zizzi gift card?

    A: There are no hidden charges, what you load on to the card is yours or your recipients to spend. However the value on the card must be spent within 18 months of the value being added.

  3. Q: How can I pay for my Zizzi gift card if I order it via the internet?

    A: You can pay by debit or credit card when you order via the internet, your card is not sent out until your payment has been received.

  4. Q: How will my Zizzi gift card be delivered?

    A: Please see delivery information for further details.

  5. Q: Can I use my Zizzi gift card straight away?

    A: All cards are activated if purchased from a store or via the internet. The best way to check if your card is ready to use is to check your balance If your card shows a balance, then it is activated.

  6. Q: How do I activate my Zizzi gift card?

    A: If you are purchasing the gift card from a store, they will activate it at the cash desk. If you are purchasing online then in some instances a card will be issued unactivated and a notification will be given giving instructions on how to activate the card. You can check to see if your Zizzi gift card is already activated by and checking your balance, if you have a balance then your gift card is ready to use!

  7. Q: Can I send a Zizzi gift card directly to someone else?

    A: Yes you can. We deliver to anywhere in the mainland UK. You can include a personal message.

  8. Q: What is the Zizzi gift card packaged in?

    A: If you buy a Zizzi gift card via the internet, the gift card will be sent with the personal message on a separate enclosed note.

  9. Q: Can I add more money on to my Zizzi gift card?

    A: You can add more money on to your Zizzi gift cards via the restaurants only.

  10. Q: I’ve placed my order for a Zizzi gift card online, when should I expect to receive the cards?

    A: Please see delivery information for further details.

  11. Q: I have purchased a Zizzi gift card but have decided it is a not suitable gift for the friend I had in mind. Can I get a refund?

    A: Sorry but no, we are unable to offer refunds.

  12. Q: Do I have to spend the full value on my Zizzi gift card all in one go?

    A: No, you may make as many transactions as you like until the value on the card is spent.

  13. Q: My Zizzi gift card has expired, what do I do?

    A: Once your Zizzi gift card has expired it is not possible to reactivate the card. You have 18 months from the date of purchase to use the funds on the card. Any balance left on the card after this date will be deducted.

  14. Q: How can I check my Zizzi Gift Card balance?

    A: To check the balance on your Zizzi Gift Card call 01344 989931 or

  15. Q: What are the Gift Card Terms & Conditions?

    A: Please see the T&C’s page.

  16. Q: Can I receive cash back on funds I have placed in my Gift Card?

    A: No your Gift Card may be redeemed at Zizzi restaurants and may not be exchanged for cash.

  17. Q: What happens if my Gift Card is lost, stolen or damaged?

    A: You should treat your gift card as cash. Zizzi cannot replace or reimburse the balance if the Card is lost, stolen or damaged.

  18. Q: I have purchased my Zizzi gift card online what will show on my card account?

    A: Your debit/credit card statement will show Zizzi Gift Cards.

  19. Q: Can I overspend on the Zizzi gift card?

    A: No it is not possible to spend more than the value on the card because the Zizzi gift card is a pre-paid card not a credit card.

  20. Q: If I don’t have enough money on my gift card to cover the whole of my bill can I part pay with the gift card and part alternative payment?

    A: Yes, you can pay as much as you like from your gift card. For example if you have £10 on your gift card and your bill is £20 you can pay £5 from the gift card and pay the remaining £15 in cash or with a debit or credit card.

  21. Q: Should I tell the waiter I want pay by gift card at the beginning of my meal or when I receive my bill?

    A: Your waiter only needs to know you are spending a gift card when your bill arrives. You do not need to tell him when you are placing your order.

  22. Q: Can anyone use my Gift Card?

    A: Yes because your name doesn’t appear on the card. The Gift Card can be used by you or given to anyone you choose.

  23. Q: Are Gift Cards sold in specific denominations?

    A: No, Gift Cards can be purchased for any amount, subject to the following limits:
    - Minimum amount £5
    - Maximum balance of £250
    - Sales through the website are in Sterling only

  24. Q: How many Gift Cards can I use during one transaction/purchase?

    A: You can use as many different Gift Cards during a single transaction as required but the same Gift Card cannot be used twice within the same transaction.

  25. Q: Where can I purchase a Gift Card?

    A: You can buy Gift Cards from our restaurants and online and at some High Street retailers

  26. Q: What happens when all the card value is used? Should I throw the card away?

    A: Yes, once the card value is used then you should destroy the card.

  27. Q: Who should I contact to make a bulk purchase of Gift Cards?

    A: If you are a business or organisation wanting to make a bulk purchase of Gift Cards then please contact 01344 989931 or [email protected]